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It’s no secret that information security professionals have been and continue to be in high demand. This includes the full spectrum of skill sets from firewall to application security guru’s. Positions are staying open longer, pushing back key projects and at times, putting organizations at risk of data theft or worse. Recent forecasts are not painting a pretty picture for the next several years with all of them showing the shortage getting worse. If this is the new business reality, what options do hiring managers, CISO’s, and talent acquisition professionals have?

One solution that sometimes gets overlooked is professional contractors. Here are some of the reasons clients have turned to us for this solution recently. What I hear most often is the perm budget is gone, but there is project money available that can be utilized. I also hear, we would like to try before we buy. Another reason has been, we are implementing a specific tool, or we have a very specific project that we need completed. While others have told me we save money by utilizing the contract workforce, we don’t have to pay benefits, holidays, or unemployment, it saves us time and money in the long run. In addition to that, hiring a perm employee can be a long drawn out process at our organization while I can get a contractor in a much quicker timeframe, plus… I am not as worried about culture fit because of the shorter duration. One CIO said, “they seem to bounce around every year or two anyway”. Why not accept this reality and embrace it?

Information security professionals have also jumped at the opportunity to earn a little more money and a lot more independence by working contract. With such high demand for their services, they realize they can often pick which opportunities best fit their personality and experience while earning more money in a shorter timeframe. This often provides them with the all-important time off that so many professionals desire. Flexibility is the key here, and they like picking up new technology and work experience to compliment their already solid knowledge base.

If you decide to give contracting a try, you want to make sure you pick a contract staffing firm that specializes in your niche and knows your space well. They will be able to move the process along very quickly and provide accurate job and client information that will help you make an informed decision. They should also be able to provide options such as benefits, as well as W2 or Corp to Corp options so you can pick the solution that works best for you and your family. Also look for contract staffing firms that pay on a weekly basis, this means they are an established shop and not a fly by night mom and pop shop.

Hiring a contractor can be a fast quick business solution for hiring managers who are frustrated with not being able to get the people they need fast enough to GSD. The professional expertise you need is out there, you just need to be a little flexible, and have a good partner who knows where to find it…

Albert Lerberg
Albert Lerberg

Al Lerberg is the President and Owner of Cyber Security Recruiters - he has over a decade of experience in contract staffing and has been dedicated to information security since 2009.

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