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Is your corporate recruiting strategy damaging your brand in the marketplace?  Most organizations don’t know what messages are flooding the marketplace or how their brand is being perceived by professionals they are seeking to attract.  As a recruiter who has worked with multiple organizations to find said talent, I get a unique perspective of how candidates perceive organizations and their brand in the marketplace.  

​Recently I was asked to find a Security expert in a geography that we had not done a lot of work in.  I was aware that the company had worked with other recruiting firms in the past, but did not know what the brand perception was until we started making calls.  What we soon discovered was that the “A” player professionals were very aware of this opening because they had been in their words “contacted multiple times” and had no interest in further pursing the position.   Why?   The position was no longer unique, other firms didn’t formulate a strong value proposition for the opportunity and had watered down the message.  Worse, the position had been posted everywhere, so the new car smell was definitely gone, replaced by the stench of desperation. 

​Brand perception is very important, and critical for your overall recruiting strategy.  Many things can shape the opinion on your brand in the mind of the professional so make sure you are working with your teams to create powerful value propositions.   I attend local security meetings and can see and hear the impact a positive vs negative brand perception has on a room.  If attracting “A” talent is the end-game, having a partner who can sell your brand effectively should be a major part of that strategy.

Albert Lerberg
Albert Lerberg

Al Lerberg is the President and Owner of Cyber Security Recruiters - he has over a decade of experience in contract staffing and has been dedicated to information security since 2009.

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